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Carry a Flag

We are asking you to carry the flag of a country in our flag ceremony.  We have flags from over 200 countries, which need to be carried and presented

Here is what you need to know:

  • let us know at

  • we have the flag

  • it's not very heavy, but you'll be standing and carrying it for up to 2hrs

  • you can ask to carry a particular flag, BUT our main concern on the day is to ensure flags are carried in the correct order, and that might mean you won't be able to carry the one you'd most like to ... it would really help us out if you are willing to carry any flag

  • you'll need to turn up at Exhibition Park and find the horses (near the stables of course!) by 10am on Saturday (the actual ceremony is 11:00 for 11:30, so you'll be standing around a bit)

  • you'll need sunscreen and protective clothing and hat ... and a water bottle that you can wear, if you've got one

Note: After the flag ceremony, we'll have a stage open, and we are asking you to bring a song or dance or recital that celebrates your cultural heritage.

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