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Rider or Spectator?

Invitation to Join the Ride

  • Do you have the Australian spirit?

  • Are you a fair dinkum Aussie?

  • Do you believe in looking after your mates?

  • Do you want to leave Australia in a better condition than it is for our children's sake?

No matter how you came here, or when, you're an Aussie!

Our children need to see we are "united". Let's lead by example.

Many lives have been given to make Australia what it is for us all to live together.

So let's put aside our differences and RIDE.

Come bring your flag to Canberra

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Carry your Flag

 We invite you to carry the flag of your country or nation at EPIC Arena, Canberra, on Sat 4th Nov, 2017.

Ride With Us

If you would like to join the ride please let us know by calling 0458 477 773.

Note: if you are not a 'horse person' but are still interested in being support crew for the ride, helping out at the parade, or feel that you want to contribute some other way, please contact us.

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